Saturday, July 4, 2015

Running in DC

The last week of June found me in Washington DC for a conference.  It was hot and humid and I didn't sleep much.  But I got in some good runs, notwithstanding the humidity, and being in a trance for that entire week.   
The first was the Monday after I arrived.  It was a 5K raising money to vaccinate children in developing countries.  With a 6:30am start, it was already hot and humid.  I hadn't slept a wink, and in effect, 6:30am was really 3:30 am for me.  Still, I managed to get out there and run.  Within minutes I was bathed in sweat, which after 3 miles, was dripping into my eyes, and literally off my face - something which never really happens to me.

It was tough getting up in the morning, but I managed to get to the gym a few times and run on the treadmill.  Short, three-mile runs, but so refreshing and cool. Then Thursday night, I decided to do a longish  run. I ran from the hotel up to the the National Mall. And what a glorious run that was! i stopped and took loads of pics, but it was really exciting to be in the capital, and run around those historic places. it wasn't too long, but look at that cool map - SF to DC! 

I ran up to the National Mall, did a few loops there, and then ran down to the Lincoln Memorial.  It was truly magnificent.

On the way back, I ran past the Smithsonian Museum. How could I not stop off?  It was a hive of activity, as it was National schools week - where schools from different states present their history project.  I stopped off at Nebraska, where the kids had done a project on NASA.  Had a chat with them, and then hurried off to see a piece which I have seen on 3 previous visits: The Woolworths Lunch Counter. That is such a powerful piece, and I wish everyone had the opportunity to see it.

When I finally got back to the hotel, I was knackered.  However, Thursday was the last night of the conference, and for the first time in almost a week, I slept for at least 3 hours.  No time for a run the next day, but I did catch a wonderful exhibition showcasing Yasuo Kuniyoshi, a Japanese-American artist, at the National Portrait Gallery.  All in all, a very successful run week, as well as a satisfactory cultural experience!


  1. Penso sia difficile gareggiare alle 06.30 del mattino, il fisico ancora "dorme".
    Prima o poi anche io dovrò fare qualche allenamento con la macchina fotografica.

  2. E' stato un incubo! Anche xrche' era le 3:30 in realtà. Ci sono 3 ore di differenze tra East Coast e West Coast. Siiiii, le tue foto sono sempre bellissime.