Monday, July 6, 2015

What being a runner like me means.......

For many years I've always wanted to be a faster runner, a stronger runner, a better runner.  But I've also wanted to run like "Peter, Mary, Jack and Jill".  I could think of loads of runners, different from me, whom I wanted to emulate.  Yes, I knew long ago that I had my own journey.  But, there was always a "but".  And that detracts from my journey, from my experiences.  Yes, I might not be the fastest or the most dedicated runner, but I think I have had a very interesting running life. And no, I don't want to run like anyone else  Yes, I'd like to run at a constant 8:30 speed one day, but it's a journey, a long term project - with milestones and smaller goals scattered in between. I guess I'm writing this because I've finally understood that a lot of people run.  Not all of them have a  relationship with running.  I know, we're all different.  But it is whilst on the journey that we define the runner that we become.
I went to a core exercise class today.  it was actually quite good for me.  It also reminded me of when i was up at university, and used to do those Tae Bo kicking boxing dvds.  They were excellent, and because I had such irregular hours, I would sometimes be doing them at 2am.  Talk about muscle memory!  It has been years since I've done one of those classes, but today, it all came back.  It was tough, but it seemed to come 'easily' enough.  I enjoyed it, and I know it will help my core. So tomorrow morning, I'll try and go for an early morning run.  Not my best moments, but I'm going to try (again) to get a morning groove going.......

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  1. Hai ragione, i programmi cambiano durante la nostra "running life", dobbiamo saperci adattare ed apprezzare ciò che riusciamo a fare.
    Fai bene a partecipare ad altre attività complementari alla corsa. Io sto nuotando parecchio. Buon week end.