Sunday, February 2, 2014

Summary for January 2014

January has been pretty amazing!  I started running using a programme, and it's been really good for me.  It's allowed me to start running regularly again, without being susceptible to my feelings - none of that "ooh I don't feel like it...I'll go tomorrow" stuff.  It is more a case of "3 miles easy today", when do I go?!

It's been so good for me, and my body remembers. I have fallen back into running with relative ease.  Relative, because I struggled a bit to find a pace. During the first week I just ran, with the goal of establishing a routine, but it got a bit boring running slowly, and at the same pace.  I can understand if one is totally new to running, it's important to strengthen bones and joints.  However, I have been running for more than 20 years. Admittedly, not always very consistently, but it's never left me.  So, I did need to shake things up a little, and slowly started picking up the pace. It's hard work, but it's exciting and invigorating, and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I've done.  After each run, I sometimes pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming, that I actually did go out and just do that thing.

January has also been the month where the proof has been in the eating of the pudding.  Something unexpected and not very nice happened at work.  I had a choice, and I made it quickly. Suck it up and get on with my life.  It was outside of my control, so why bother getting upset.  Bit I can control my running.  So I put in my shoes and went out for a 5 mile run.  During the run I did not think about work, but about how I could run faster! The next challenge was a health one.  I was in the middle of a run when my phone rang.  it was the hospital ordering me back immediately for some additional tests. I finished the run, and then went put on both days over the weekend. Monday at 7am I had the tests, and got the results immediately, and all is well.  I went out at lunchtime for 3 miles.  I feel happy that I am NOT allowing these things to influence my life so much.  

Finally, I did a sweet 5K January 11, 2014.  i finished the Hot Chocolate Run with a time of  34:51@ an 11:14 pace.  Not great, but ok to establish a baseline. I am really going to enjoy watching those minutes fall back down.  Yes, minutes, not seconds...and when I set my mind to something, I never ever give up.  There was no medal, but everyone got a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows - very yummy indeed. I also received a very nice hoodie when I picked up my race packet.  Next race is on February 9, 2014 - a 5K in Chinatown to welcome in the Year of the Horse.  Since it's going to be very hilly indeed, it's not really a 'race' for me, but as always, I will give it my best shot. Happy February, and Welcome Year of the Horse! Oh, and I ran a total of 59 miles....
Arriving in Golden Gate Park at 6:30am for a 7:30 start on a freezing morning.
Yummy hot choccie reward
Finally dawn



  1. What a great hoodie, and the hot chocolate at the end of the race? Priceless! Loving hearing about you getting back to the running. I wish you many happy miles.

  2. Veloce o meno non ha importanza. Stai correndo e questo è fondamentale. La corsa è sempre un'ottima cura per il corpo e per lo spirito. Anche io sto scegliendo gare di 5 km perché ho problemi ad un ginocchio; per fortuna che ho l'alternativa del nuoto. Allora domani gareggeremo "insieme", tu a Chinatown ed io a Roma.