Sunday, January 19, 2014

First week done!

I have completed week 1 of Hal Higdon's novice 2 half marathon training programme. It's a simple programme, nothing fancy - no hills, no track, no speed work. The goal is not just to complete the race, but set a PR.  the novice 1 programme is geared toward just finishing. 

However, I don't see how it is going to be possible to run a PR without any hill or speed training, because a PR implies that you run faster than in your previous half.  And we all know that you have to run track if you are hoping to pick up the pace a bit.  Still, I chose this programme rather than the intermediate one (which does include those other components), because I have no mileage basis. I have nothing to build on - nada, niente, de rien.  

So this week included 4 days of running.  The distances were not very long, but I guess with base miles, the key is consistency.  Some days were easier than others, but I mixed it up a bit and run up a very big hill on one of the runs.  That was quite tiring, as I just don't have the legs yet for this, but no worries, I will continue, and I know I'm a going to be running up hills quite effortlessly one of these days  - not unlike the past,when I used to sprint up hills, and get past everyone.  So even though its slow going (my pace that is), there is nothing for it, but to suck it up and continue running.  I think I should change the name of my blog to "Just Suck It Up And Run"! 

Secondly, since my last post on "sucking it up", quite a few things have happened, which I have refused to allow to side track me. I as rear-ended, then the dealership scratched my car after a routine service (ok small, first world problems thus far), and then some potentially upsetting news last week. I say potentially, because I don't know yet, but why worry about things one can't control? The only thing  I can control is my decision to go out and run.  And anyway, I'll deal with whatever bridge I have to cross when I get there.  But in the meantime, why waste a day worrying?


  1. I always try to worry only about the things I can control or change. If I can't do anything about it I just let it be. Not always easy but possible. Enjoy your training!

  2. Thanks Johann. That is a very wise approach, something I am slowly learning. But I am determined to learn this lesson. My word for this year is "consistency", especially with regard to running.

  3. Purtroppo è difficile controllare le preoccupazioni, spesso la mente non è così forte da vincere l'irrazionale.
    Continua con il tuo allenamento e non preoccuparti dei lavori in salita e velocità. Correrai una buona mezza maratona.

  4. E si, devo dire, questa e' stata una lezione che ho finalmente imparato (tocca il ferro). Per anni ho sempre lottato con questa cosa - quando crolla il mondo, solitamente crolla anche la corsa per me. Ma non questa volta...ora tengo duro, stringo i denti e vado avanti a tutto fuoco! Un' po' mi sono gia' annoiata con questa programma xrche' non si fa altro che corre lentamente. Ma voglio essere cosistente, e prima o poi, andro' + veloce.