Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nine months of the year done......

It seemed like yesterday that it was January 1, and I had all those bright plans for 2014 and my running.  Well, although it didn't quite work out exactly according to plan, it's going pretty ok thus far.  My main goal was to get back to running.  I did stop crossfit as I had really hurt my shoulder and needed physio as the cortisone shot did not work. But I missed it, and went back, though to a different box.  But the magic was gone - it's hard to do CF if you're not able to do overhead presses.  Since I was scared of re-injuring my shoulder, I had to do modified versions of these, and it was not much fun. Still, after this, it was hard to find something that inspired as much enthusiasm.  

I started running more regularly as I had decided.  During lunch time mainly, and I kept up with some of the challenges I found online - like the burpee challenge. It was going well, but it's really hard to keep that level of motivation going. And slowly, as work got in the way, I stopped with the burpees and other exercises, and my core started getting weaker and weaker. I have now decided to try and start again with some of those exercises as it's getting hard to run...let alone run fast!  Still, there were some highlights -:)

In April I ran the SF rock n roll half, then in. July I ran the Chicago rock n roll half.  Both were awesome - SF had some big hills, Chicago had big humidity. But it was pretty good, and I got the rock encore medal for having run two. I had signed up for the SF marathon (for which you can do the half), but I switched to the 5K at the last minute as I had not trained enough and I would have struggled. I've also been working on my 10K time.  August was 1:07, September was 1:06.  If I could strengthen my core, I know I could power my run better......

Well, I'm thinking of a few races before the year end, not decided on anything yet.  My dream is still to get into a regular running schedule and not be sidetracked by work or anything else. Well, there are 3 months left this year. If I can get on track with my running, I can kick off 2015 in top gear!  Well, technically, the first week of October starts tomorrow, so here we go.

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