Monday, August 9, 2010

The wages of processed foods are......not pleasant

I have done a very silly thing. In an effort to vary my diet, and still eat healthily, I turned to the Weight Watchers products this past week. I used to share a house with a woman who was on this system, so I got to know how it works quite well. I have also read a few peoples blogs who also follow this system, so I thought I really had the hang of it.
I bought a load of WW cheese (hey it's only 1 point), snacks (which were awful as they were full of aspartame) and other stuff which was all low-calorie and low in points. I ate this stuff for a week, and on Saturday, I started feeling slightly ill. Nothing serious, just a really dry mouth, heat waves sweeping over me and feeling out of sorts, like being in a sugar overload. Come Sunday and I was in full crisis.
Clearly I do not want to blame the WW products. I still eat pizza, and come Thanksgiving, I become a glutton with the Whole Foods blueberry pie. I think however, the problem came with the QUANTITY of processed food I consumed this past week. Most of my food is eaten raw, and this sudden overdrive of sugary 1 point treats left me tired, cranky and wanting more. Sunday I was just violently ill, and today was not much better. When I got home, rather than having some Finn crisps with WW cheese, I had them with proper Brie. Nothing too dramatic happened. However, all this has been a serious lesson to me - indeed my eating habits may be boring, but it is the perfect fuel for me. I do not want to go through this again, and I can say that it will take a lot to tempt me to eat something processed!
I was lucky in that Saturday was a rest or a cross training day. Because I felt so terrible, I had a rest. I do not know by what miracle I managed 6 miles on Sunday, but manage them I did. Clearly they were not the best 6 I have ever done, but I am still on track with my training. Thankfully today was also a rest day, as I almost left work at lunch time. But I stuck it out and things have slowly started improving. Tomorrow is 4 miles with 6x30 sec repeats. I am doing this on the treadmill, but I am determined to do it - even if I have to split the session in 2. Has anyone else had a similar experience?!


  1. Overly processed diet foods seem to make me feel not so hot. And artificial sugar really does a number on me so I can relate.

    I truly believe everything is okay in moderation - and of course, the less processed, the better.

  2. The link between weight loss and tea antioxidants becomes even stronger when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

  3. If I eat too much processed foods in a row I don't feel well either. I prefer to eat something that's not processed and maybe a bit less if it's got a lot of calories in it.

    I noticed you're doing a marathon on November 21th. I will be running with you for a while on that day as I have a 15K run on that day :)

  4. Very simply--eat what makes you feel good and avoid what doesn't. Drastic diet changes are rough, and the body/mind tends to reject it in the beginning. Just like when we first started to run, it didn't feel good and our bodies wanted us to stop even though it is good for us.

  5. Mi dispiace per ciò che ti è successo. Io ho imparato a mie spese a non variare mai completamente la dieta alimentare. Generalmente introduco non più di un nuovo cibo tra le pietanze che mangio abitualmente. In questo modo sono in grado di capire se questo possa fare per me o crei problemi alla digestione. Ma io sono vecchio .....