Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bye bye week 4

I have had a few physical ailments this week which have slightly derailed my training plan. I still did the training, but had to break the session up into 2, otherwise there is no way I could have finished it. I had to skip a mid-week 3 mile run, but I will make that up this week by just adding a mile on to the regular programme. Anyway, it really was a long pain-filled week, but I am hoping that this week improves - and certainly the signs are good!
Yesterday's run was fantastic: 3 miles easy + 1 at level 7. I got up to 10 minute miles with the 3E, and the final mile was done in increments, finishing the last half mile at 6 and a half minutes. Considering the terrible week, I was happy. Today was a long run of 6 miles. It was not too horrible, but I did struggle, as it was hot and humid, and after having shepherd's pie for lunch, I still felt the pie in my stomach!
So this brings me to the next topic: food, glorious food. Stuart and I have now started having totally different meals. He is pretty good with vegetarian, but I think now there might be a bit of a rebellion going on. Things finally came to a head when I made some red quinoa tossed with spinach and steamed green cauliflower florets for dinner. Admittedly the quinoa does look like rather large red ants, and it did look slight inaesthetic. Long story short, I am going to try and make a few meat-based dishes a month, one of which was the shepherd's pie today. I have my own healthy version recipe if anyone is tempted by a classic British dish.
So I start week 5 tomorrow, which is a rest day. I also got a bit more organized and signed up for 2 half marathons as part of my long run training plan. The first is Salem's Wicked Half on 25 September. And yes, in case you are wondering, it is in THE city of Salem, made infamous by the witch trials in 1692. It is a beautiful city, and I have good memories, having done a triathlon there last summer. The second half is on 17 October, the Baystate Marathon in Lowell, not too far from here. I am looking forward to both, and am hoping to improve everything, considering that the last half I did....
Since the week had been quite hectic, I took advantage of the tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, and bought a few things. I ordered a jolly looking frock on the net, now I wonder if the frock is a bit too jolly, as I intend wearing it to work. I have never owned anything in yellow, so I thought this might be a nice change, but hmmm....maybe a bit too bright? Any thoughts anyone?


  1. What a fantastic dress! I think it'll be brilliant on you (pun intended!) Please post a pic, as I'm sure this dress suits you much better than it does the model!!!

  2. BUY IT! You can never wear too many colors. I love it and would definitely buy it myself and wear it to work!

    For me signing up for races helps me keep going with my schedule. I need a goal to keep running otherwise I skip runs to easily.

  3. Definitely not too bright! It will cheer you and those around you up for sure.
    I like it that you signed up for the half marathons. I find it the best way to do some long runs.
    I know Trompie very well. I read the books when I was in primary school. They had a re-run of the show last year. We really laughed at that.

  4. Wear it with a smile and you'll brighten everyone's day.

  5. @Wendy: Hello!!!! Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the lovely compliment. It was a great start to my rainy Monday. Hope you are well, Dylan has grown, and Helen is so sweet! How is the running going? I am looking forward to reading all about it on your running blog *hint*.

    @Fran: Yes, this is true....I am just a bit scared of that yellow! But I will keep it when it arrives.

    @ Johann: Thanks, and yes, these halfs look quite good. I am slowly getting my organization back!

    @Frank: Ta very much :-) That settles it - everyone seems in favour, so I will definitely be keeping it and thinking of you all when I wear it!

  6. ps. Johann: I never read Trompie, only saw the series, but I did read all the Rooikop Nellie you know them?!

  7. I love the cheeriness of the dress. I have a couple yellow tops and love them. I think you should go for it.

    Red I have some quinoa sitting in my cupboard but haven't made it yet. I don't know what to do with it? I would like to do more cooking and healthy, vegetarian recipes too. Maybe when I 20 years. :)

  8. Ta, Christina, yes the dress has arrived, but I have yet to try it on. Looks bright! I have some great veggie recipes that even non-veggies will like. Will post some soon.