Friday, August 6, 2010

HR: 3miles E w/4x10sec HR - Check!

This morning was hard to get out of bed! It usually takes me an hour to realize who I am, but since I was late and was not going to miss my run, I had an espresso, and off I went. It was around 80°F around 7am, so this was a very sweaty run. It was pretty good and I can see that my fitness is slowly improving. Nothing much to report, just that it felt good to start and finish this run.
I did not make any lunch for work, as I was going out to a Thai place with a colleague. However, I did manage to make a bottle of Green Monster to share with my colleagues. When I drink this at work for breakfast, I have been greeted with "What the hell is that?" to "God, how can you drink that?" So, I brought some in to work for a tasting, and this is the reaction from my colleagues:

Notwithstanding their expressions, everyone was surprised at just how good it tasted, but were unanimous in feeling that they could not go another round in the morning drinking this.  I still have a few more colleagues who want to try this, so I might yet get a few converts to the Green Monster Movement!


  1. The guy doesn't look too happy :lol:

    Great morning run! Might consider a espresso too before I go out on a run.

  2. @ Fran: Well spotted -actually he wasn't! He was quizzical at best, and I think he forced himself to like it. Oh the espresso really helps.

  3. I love that you documented their reactions!