Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to get back into a new groove....

Today was a cross-training day. I got home, got changed and went across the road to the gym. The plan was to cycle for 30 minutes, run for 10 and then do some weights. For some reason the bike was not working and after 10 minutes I went over to the elliptical. Twenty minutes later I was ready to start with the weights.
The bike and elliptical sessions were not amongst the best I have ever done, but I finished it. Same with the weights. I started doing some routine exercises and decided I would go for 30 minutes. As I did the exercises and my heart rate rose, I felt like going on for a longer time. But I forced myself to stop, and then realized the secret!
When you have had a bad or off period of training and are trying to get back into the zone, do so with less intensity. I used to do circuits for an hour before I could actually feel that I had "done" something. Now that I am struggling a bit to get back on track with this training, the secret is to lower the intensity - almost as though I were just starting out. Because in fact, that is exactly what it is!
After I had been going for about 35 minutes, I was loathe to stop, but I forced myself to stop, stretch and go home. This has left me with enough energy to make a proper dinner and the desire to go running with Irache at lunchtime tomorrow. If I can, I shall try and get a run in before I go to work, so that I can get back from work and go out with Stuart for drinks with some friends. Life can be so good when simple realizations get your training back on track.

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