Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Run

Firstly, congratulations Wendy on the good news, and yes I guess no running for a while! Did you only just find out? Swimming sounds great though, and I would like to know how things go with that! I have not been in the pool for ages, and have been trying to sort out my running a bit more, as it had gotten a bit on the short side!
My programme had me doing my long run yesterday, but I had to get a wedding pressie, and after a few hours at the shops, I was exhausted! I dilly-dallied, shilly-shallied all afternoon, and suddenly it was time for bed. I felt slightly annoyed at myself, because I could have done it had I wanted to, but was just not motivated enough to get out and do it.
This morning was a new morning, and off I went. I had a great run! I wish I had pushed myself to do it yesterday, as it would have made me feel so good. Even though I had a good run/walk with Irache Friday, I was feeling quite lazy on Saturday, and to be honest, going to the shops is not really my idea of fun. Well, sometimes they can be, but I was not in the right frame of mind for it yesterday.
After my run today, I felt that my balance had been restored and I told Stuart to push me out of the door the next time I put it off - running makes me feel good, so why be miserable? This is also the first time in quite a few months that I have done a longish run. I can say that the difference between my long runs 6 months ago, compared to now is astounding!
I do not have data for a 7 mile run, so this comparison, whilst not accurate in comparing like with like, does however give me an idea of how things are progressing.
I did an 8 mile run on 9 January 2009 in 1:43:05 (going at a conversational pace). I did the Lance Armstrong Live Strong 6.2 mile race on 22 February in 58:39. Today I ran 7 miles (at a conversational pace) in 1:13:45. I am excited about this because I think I have improved a bit. Next week's long run is 8 miles, and then I shall have comparable data. Still, one thing I am sure of - I can run 8 miles in less than 1:43 which is what it took me in January!

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