Friday, January 30, 2009

Twas the night before the day before

My goal for the month of January was to run 100 miles. However, I only managed 85 - the 10K on Sunday goes towards February's count. Part of the reason for not managing 100 is due to the short runs this week, since I have had a bout of gastro-enteritis. It is truly hell to run like that and also a bit silly to insist on finishing.
On Monday evening I suddenly started having severe cramps after 1 mile. I ignored it and continued until mile 3 when I was forced to stop and after a few minutes on feeling better, I started running slowly. As soon as I tried running a bit faster, the pain, nausea and dizziness was so strong that at mile 4 I had to stop completely. I felt OK on Wednesday and went for a hilly run and some fartlek. That was pretty good, but near the end I started feeling awful again. Needless to say Thursday saw me a bit out of it, and this morning I did my last run before the race on Sunday. After any speedwork my legs always feel slow and heavy for a few days, but I hope this morning's run has shaken off the tiredness. I only did 5 miles, but it was an effort, so rest tomorrow and hopefully I'll be tip top on Sunday.
Tomorrow I also need to go and pick up the race bib, and hopefully something interesting will be in the bag....I love getting free stuff, whatever it may be! Must do: buy a pair of gloves and a pair of thicker tights. Actually I had a very nice pair of Saucony ones for years (I don't know if they even make them anymore). One glove is missing and the other is now being used as a toy for one of our pussy cats. Hopefully the new pair will fare slightly better. The weather is now so cold, that the river has frozen over - thick tights are a definite must, so let's see what Marathon Sports has to offer!

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