Monday, January 26, 2009

The Boston Luna Chix Running Team

I finally met up with the Luna Chix today for brunch and a run. What a great laid back group! After setting down our stuff, we set out for a run along the river. Needless to say, it is freezing in Boston, in fact it was -6˚C!! The toss up was between a 3 or 5 mile run. I opted for the 3 miler as the roads were covered in ice and it soon became pretty difficult to run without fear of slipping. At a certain point not only did my face feel stiff, but I had trouble speaking. Mind you, my hearing was not that good either!
Truth be told, the other women seemed to be in a similar situation, and it was with relief that we decided on a loop home - the shortest one possible. Once at Annie's home, we slowly started defrosting and what joy to settle down to brunch in front of the fire, steaming cups of chocolate, bagels, fruit and buns. It was great to get out of our layers and talk shop...yes, all talk about running, triathlons, and marathons. I also found someone who is doing the 10K at the seaport next Sunday.
I had told Stuart that he need not come along, as the weather promises to be brutal, and the wind is somewhat vicious at the harbour. Carrie will be doing the 10K too, and we are going to hook up to enjoy the free clam chowder afterwards - courtesy of Legal Seafood! Yum!
I think I might have to wear 3 layers though. I wore an underamour thermal undershirt and a windproof on top. I thought my tights were enough, but I need to either wear thicker tights or wear running trousers over the tights. As for underneath, I think a third layer will not be an exaggeration. I usually do not wear gloves as the sleevy-gloves usually keep my hands quite warm. Well, gloves are a must. I have never ever run in such cold weather. Bracing, envigorating, but makes a hot shower seem like the most wonderful thing in the world. I doubt, with all the good intentions in the world, that I would be able to do the ice bath thingy in winter. That is truly for the bravehearts of running!

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