Thursday, January 8, 2009

My First Half Marathon!

I finally bit the bullet, and signed up for my first half marathon. Boston's Run to Remember on 24th May is a half marathon through the city of Boston. OK, truth be told, I originally wanted to sign up for the Walt Disney Princess half marathon which takes place on 8th March in Florida. Having never been much in the princess business, I was curious to "find out what kind of princess I am" as the event publicity announces. Unfortunately Stuart will be in Europe that week, and I don't fancy going to Florida on my own - not for my first half. It would be nice to have my own personal fan there, so I chose a half closer to home - although according to Stuart I don't have to go to Florida to find out whether I am a princess or not! Anyway, I am now officially doing a half marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even though May seems a long time away, it's not really since I was hoping to do my first triathlon before then. By the way, I have to learn to ride a bike and how to swim in open water. Now I really have confessed all. I took some bike lessons in Oxford a few years ago, but the common philosophy seems to be "get on the bike and pedal". Well, it sort of works, but I think I am going down to the Bicycling school and am going to take a few lessons as I am not very good at taking turns.
Well, as soon as I have my vertical race out of the way in Feb, I shall get down to running a bit more. The long run seems to have fallen by the wayside, as I did not do one last week and I might struggle with one this week. Well maybe a short long run?

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