Saturday, January 24, 2009

A change of pace

It's almost a week since I wrote anything new, reason being, I started a job on this Monday past. Suddenly after having loads of free time I now have an 8 hour work day! What a ginormous shock to the system. My head was reeling after the first day, and by the time I got home, I was too tired to even think about a run. Tuesday was a critical day as I also started missing home, but that will not do. So new regime: I now run before work and that is not something I like. Early morning pavement or treadmill pounding have never been my thing. Half asleep, and thundering along in the semi-darkness is no fun and I have not evolved to the point where I feel the peace, joy and love of early mornings.
The toss up was between running in the mornings or after work, and the former is preferable as I would like to prepare dinner when I get home. See, Stuart has finally started running again and does so after work, therefore the only way I can support him is to make sure dinner is ready and most of the chores are sorted, since he has a much longer commute. So there were hills, weights and a bike ride, all before 8am this week!
This has also made me start thinking about all my fellow runners who have families and jobs too. How do they do it? I am now finally understanding the logistics involved in trying to do a long run, the shopping and house cleaning all in a morning! And I guess maybe that's what passion truly is. Anyone can run when they have loads of free time. But when you run in spite of everything else, maybe that's when the flames of passion truly ignite.
It's too early for me to make any such claims (and I don't know if I ever will), but getting up at 5.30am this past week has been challenging. However, I know it will get easier - after all, if you do something for 28 days it becomes a habit. I know it will be different in a month's time - when I started running again, I could not imagine running outside (as I wrote in my first post), now I cannot imagine not enjoying the sun, the gentle swishing of the river and the comraderie of my fellow runners.
Well, life is very good and I guess opening my day with a run can be a glorious thing - after all I am starting my day on a highlight, doing that which I love - it stands to reason the segue can only be good. I shall know whether this is so in a month, and let you know!

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