Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bunker Hill Monument

With the temperature at 22F and a wind chill of 10F, I set off this morning for the Bunker HIll Monument. It stands at 221 feet, with 294 steps winding up to the top in a spiral formation. I also discovered that this was the site of the first major battle of the American Revolution. It seemed like quite an exciting place to have a stair climb.
On arrival, there were about 12 other people who just like me were dressed in tights, and running tops. The organiser it seemed, had omitted to mention to the monument authorities that we were going to do this practice there. Anyway, it turned out that the stairs were closed to the public because of snow and ice. So that was pretty much that. After a breakfast treat of banana and walnut pancakes, we returned home (yes, Stuart came along but only because he was going to buy a pair of running shoes afterwards).
In the end I ran up the 20 floors in our building 4 times as I usually do. It seemed a bit slower today and it took me a full 25 minutes, including the 2 minutes of taking the lift down. I am currently doing this with 1lb weights on each leg, maybe I need to add a weighted vest....

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