Monday, January 12, 2009

Another pair of Brooks in our house

My new pair of Brooks turned out to be stunning.  I have never run in such a great pair of shoes which seems to be hand crafted especially for my feet.  I think Stuart felt enthused and inspired by my ravings, so much so that he too is now the proud owner of  a pair of Brooks Adrenaline  shoes.  They seem well suited to a foot which is still recovering from an ankle sprain, and on their first outing, shoes and owner completed 8 and a half miles.  
I am so happy that Stuart has started running again - the last time he did was about 5 years ago when we were living in Geneva. Caught up in a shoe wave I wanted to try on a pair of Newton's. They look fabulous, and it must be a pretty special feeling of 'running barefoot'. Unfortunately the shop we went to was out of stock, but this has just heightened the anticipation. So dear readers, if there is anyone out there who owns or has tried out a pair of Newtons, let us know if my lust for these is indeed justified!

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