Tuesday, December 24, 2013

November 28, 2013 Turkey Trot

On Thursday November 28, Stuart and I set off for the San Francisco Turkey Trot.  Since moving to this country, I have always done a race on Thanksgiving morning - even 3 days after running the Philadelphia marathon in 2010.

The race route was through SF downtown, with a 7:30am start. A bit early for my liking, but we arrived at the starting line with 3 minutes to spare.  I remember looking at my phone at 7am and the race organisers had posted a picture saying that people were arriving in a steady stream.  For us it was one mad rush, but ah, the joy of living down town meant being able to walk/run to the start.

The we were off.  One hundred meters into the race, I knew it would be thought going, as my legs felt really tired.  It was a combination of the halfs I'm sure, but walking ~7 miles the previous day up and down hilly SF, could not have helped matters either.  My legs were toast, and I found it slow going, but I kept going and enjoyed the fresh morning air.  The city was quiet, and all too soon the finish line was in sight. I finished with an inglorious time, but I felt ok about it, because my legs could not have done any better.  Note to self : rest the day before a race!

No medal (they tend to be quite parsimonious with those in CA), but we were offered some tubs of a
new yoghurt to try, Noosa, which is Australian, and really yummy.  Used a stick to iron out my poor legs, then went home. I then took off a few days as my legs really needed it. I did some short sprints at crossfit, but legs were very slow to recover. Lots of massage and heat packs seemed to help....

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