Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Race of 2013 - The Walnut Creek International Half Marathon & 5K

(pic courtesy of Walnut Creek Half)

The last race of 2013 was a 5K in Walnut Creek with a 7:30am start. Since my legs were toast, there was no way I would be able to run another half (though I was really tempted - three's a charm right?). A colleague of mine also signed up for it, so we car pooled over to the East Bay. It was a cold and dark, and I should have worn full winter gear, but a brief refuge in Burger King thawed me out a bit.  I will not look snootily at these places as McDonald's also saved me from a slow freezing death in Monterey Bay.  I will have to get out of the habit of having pancakes 30 minutes before a race.  I've done it twice now, and escaped any stomach issues (touches head), but it was tough running on a full stomach.  

No gloves, hands freezing, and we were off, down a little country path.  The East Bay is supposed to be very nice, but I was too cold to enjoy the aesthetics.  I just wanted to get done, get back I to my car, and apart on the heating. Not the best attitude, I agree, but this was brutal. I think living in California has turned me into a weakling, who can't seem to hack the cold anymore!

Whilst not my best effort, I got the job done.  Set a goal,and turned up having run once since the Berkeley half - I wanted to finish the year with one last race, a d I did.  I also promised myself no more racing by just turning up on the day.  2013 called for desperate measures, but I am slowly getting back into running. It's hard to start again, but I want to run faster than I did before, and I know I can get my 5k time down to my PR (26:20), but also beat it.  I know I can. And most of all, I missed the loneliness of the long distance runner…..


  1. Per il Personal Best c'è sempre tempo, l'importante è riniziare. Per adesso costanza e pazienza. Con un po' di programmazione sono certo che arriverai al più presto sotto i 26'20" nei 5000m. Buone corse.

  2. Grazie Giuseppe…parole sante! Infatti, stavo giusto pensando di concentrarmi su una cosa sola, e cioè la corsa, invece di andare in bici, nuoto ecc. Penso che questo sarà una novità per me - concentrarmi su una cosa, e cercare di farlo bene.