Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am me again!

OK., last year blew. I am sure I could describe last year in a more glass half-full kind of way, but the truth of the matter is, it blew - big time.  I lost my mojo and suddenly running, biking and all that other good stuff seemed inconsequential.  As a consequence, I felt a bit lonely, and really missed my friends back in Europe.  Now I know a lot of nice people here, but you know what I mean.....  All the upheaval and turmoil left me feeling a bit blue, totally out of sorts and spending a lot of time on the phone. 
I have tried to 'get with the programme' and start running again, but my heart was not quite in it......and then suddenly, on Tuesday, I got my mojo back!
Yes, just like that.  I guess that when you least expect it, your once lost mojo will tap you on the shoulder and say "I'm back".  Well, I did not sit around waiting anymore, I signed up for some races.  I felt so happy, and so good to finally be able to run 'with my head' again.
My first event comes up on 11 March, - Climb the Presidential Towers (or in my case, only the 1).  It comes up in 3 weeks time, and there is no time to train for this.  Thankfully it is a short climb (41 floors, 585 stairs).  Although I don't have time to train for this properly and am terribly out of shape, I want to do it, because I do a stair climb every year.  It is 'my' annual event, and having climbed the Empire State Building last year, I think I can manage this.  My goal is to finish it to the best of my ability, and a celebration of my refound mojo.  In the past I have always worried about my training, about my time etc., this climb is for sheer enjoyment purposes.  We have the option of climbing all 4 towers, but that I will keep for next year.

The next event I signed up for is the Bunny Rock 5K on 7 April.  This promises to be a really cool event, but it will also be the first 5K I run in over a year, so I want to give myself some time to prepare for it. 
I also signed up for the Windy City Challenge.  You run 2 half marathons and get 3 medals - one for each half, and one for completing the challenge.  The first is the 13.1 Karhu series on 9 June.  I am especially excited about this one, as I wear Karhus, and am convinced that they make one run like the wind!  The second half marathon is the Chicago Half Marathon on 9 September.  I have not signed up for anything else, as I think this might be all I can squeeze in this year.  But who knows, if I get myself together properly, a sprint triathlon might be on the cards for Autumn....or even late summer.  But I am getting ahead of myself.
It feels really good to be me again, and for this I am very thankful indeed!


  1. forse il tuo mojo si era solo nascosto, magari un pò offeso per come lo stavi sfruttando.... :D

  2. Welcome back! Good luck for the President

  3. Good luck for The Presidential Towers. I still can't imagine running a race up stairs.

  4. Bentornata!!! Hai fatto bene ad iscriverti a queste gare almeno hai una motivazione per continuare e poi, come diciamo in Italia, "una ciliegia tira l'altra" e finirai per partecipare a molte competizioni. In bocca al lupo!