Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glorious Autumn in Cambridge

Well, I girded my loins and went out for a run at lunch time today.  It was such a beautiful day, that it was easy.  On my return I discovered that I had left shower stuff etc at home.  I always carry a packet of Nathan Power Shower Wipes in my bag, in case I run out of time, but alas, that too was nowhere to be found.  So what could I do except try and get rid of the sweat as best I could and then get dressed.  Anyway, for the record, I had drenched myself in les Delices de Cartier this morning, and that will overpower any other smell - it's now a proven fact!
The run itself was short - just 30 minutes.  I had also gone out for a run on Sunday past, and run 2.1 miles in 25 minutes, at a very, very leisurely pace.  I think I might have covered the same distance today, as I also took a few walk breaks.  Sunday's run was fine, just one short break at the turn around point - today was a bit harder.  But I enjoyed it, and came back to the office feeling revitalized!  I don't know if that is solely due to my little run, or the fact that I had some very good news from work.  My company has agreed to let me transfer my position to Chicago and work from home.  I will need to come down to Boston on occasion, but that will be decided upon later. 
I am starting to feel excited about the move.  Not only is Chicago a stunning city, but there are lots and lots of tall buildings to run up.  I guess I am going to be doing a huge amount of stair climbing next year. I love it, and it gets me going like nothing else.  It also brings out a really competitive streak in me, as I am always trying to improve my time.  Running should be the same, but stairs somehow seem to have more 'bite' to them.....
I am slowly getting back to reading your blogs, and my how much has changed!  But it will be fun to see what you have been up to during the summer.


  1. Peautiful picture! Welcome back to the land of running and blogging.

  2. What great scenery!! Very nice run!

  3. I used to live in MA (Hopkinton) and remember that Boston/Cambridge were in full color while we had hardly any leaves left on our trees.
    Here, in SF Bay Area we are finally seeing more color on whatever trees we have.
    Seems you have perfect running weather. Hope it holds for a while.

  4. That's great news that you can work from home. And hooray for being back at running!

  5. How awesome you'll be in Chicago. We'll have to meet up sometime! You'll be able to do the stair climb in the Presidential Towers and all of the other wonderful buildings there. I hope your move goes well.

  6. I would like to run through that place. Wonderful picture.
    Glad you can work from home and you enjoy your workouts.
    Good luck on the stair climbing.

  7. We got our shirts and thank you notes!! Thank you so much. How's your running going?