Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thank You, Merci, Grazie, Tak, Kiitos......

This post is a long overdue "Thank You!  I received some wonderful gifts recently and would like to say how thrilled I am!  It is always very exciting to receive packages both in the post and face-to face.
The first thank you goes to Stefano aka Black Knight at Run with the Black Knight who sent me  a lovely technical shirt and a memento of Venice.  Both bring back very good memories:  the shirt reminds me of the Golden League which takes place in Europe around this time.  It has recently been replaced with the Diamond League.  I know athletes in the Golden League used to run for bars of gold, can one assume that has been replaced with diamonds?  Anyway, the shirt from Stefano commemorates the Golden Gala portion of the event on 28 May which takes place in Rome, featuring the likes of Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell.  I will have fun wearing this shirt!
The Venetian mask brings back great memories, as Venice was one of the cities I loved visiting over and over again - either to see some exhibition at the Peggy Guggenheim museum or the Biennale. The only time I have not been there is for the carnival.....the chaos I can do without.

The first visit ever - in a vaporetto (water taxi) and having a coffee in Pzza S. Marco.
My next Thank You goes to Christina at Lazy Bones Running.  I met the lovely Christina recently in Boston, when she came here to do a little race on Monday 18 April.  That though, will have a separate post.  Many thanks for the lovely gifts - I was really spoiled as she touched on my diva side, my running side and the part of me that loves to read.  And all my treasures came in a very sassy bag that I am looking forward to using.  

The photo does not do it justice, but that is a lovely silver and turquoise bracelet in the left hand corner which is sparkly and also very typical of that part of the US.  When we went to the Southwest, I was hoping to find something like that, but was so overwhelmed by the choices, that I came away with nothing.  This is perfect, as is the journal.  Writing is not something that comes easily to me - now I have no excuses.  I am going to give it a go!
My final Thank You goes to a young woman I met at the expo prior to the Boston marathon.  I had just said goodbye to Christina, and went back in for a a final look around.  Hey, this was a very good expo with lots to see!  Anyway, I stopped off to have a chat with someone who was handing out the New England race calendar, and she was doing a promotion for the Tufts 10K which is run here on Columbus Day in October.  This is not a holiday in MA, though I think it might be a state holiday.  Anyway, I have never done this race as we don't get the day off, and they start at 11am - which means I would have to take a day off work to do it.  I did say I would see how it went this year as I really liked their race slogan. "Start Strong, Finish Stronger".  At that point she asked me if I would like a race shirt.  I said yes please, and she gave me a lovely technical shirt with THE slogan.  

A very nice and unexpected haul.  Thank you guys, you were awesome and very kind!


  1. That's so awesome! Aw, you are so loved!

  2. bello essere cittadini del mondo... ;D bentornata!

  3. Very nice gifts!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday. Really appreciate it.

  4. Great friends we have here in blog land indeed! I told Christina I'm really jealous she got to meet you. However, I'm sure my chance will come.:)

  5. Scusa per il ritardo ma non so perchè il Mac (pc di casa) non mi permette di postare i commenti nel tuo blog.
    Grazie per la citazione.
    In effetti Venezia è affascinante, è veramente una città unica al mondo nel suo genere.