Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jump Rope Update

I hosted my first giveaway last Friday, and I was surprised (and happy) to see the enthusiasm with which that post was received. My husband says I was too cheap in offering 1 person a  skipping rope.  I am therefore happy to be able to send those of you embracing the skipping culture, a rope. So please email me your height and mailing address at: runlikehermes at gmail dot com.
This was a slow week on the training front.  I managed to get in few runs and stair sessions, but I have been having some stomach issues so have not quite been up to scratch.  It seemed like a long week!  Highlight of the week was our departmental outing to the Museum of Science on Friday, where we went on a scavenger hunt.  We had to solve a murder mystery, and I unfortunately could not drag myself away from Fibonacci, and his Sequence!  What I did not know was that he was known as "Bhigellone" (dunce) and his father (also an outstanding mathematician was known as "Bonacci" (dope).  I spent a long time in the section "Mathematica"!  Anyway, after a long lunch, I was barely back in the office when I had to go to my skipping class and I was still feeling completely undigested.
This week we learned to do back and forth, scissors and run whilst skipping.  We skipped with our eyes closed, and then we skipped for speed.  I finally understand why people say you can burn zillions of calories skipping.
We warmed up with music at 140bpm.  Then for the speed training part she revved it up to 170bpm and we had to skip fast, flat out.  I had sweat pouring down my face and my shirt was soaked afterwards.  It was incredible, but what great fun.  It does seem to take a bit out of one, as I tried a slow 1 mile cool down and my legs felt like jelly!  Go on, give it a go - I dare you!

                   Page from Fibonacci's Liber Abacci leading up to the Sequence (Biblioteca di Firenze)


  1. That's a great offer, thanks Natalia. I will get myself a rope and think of you when I use it. Your workout sounds great - hard, but great.

  2. La sequenza di Fibonacci, un mito! Oggetto di film, di studi esoterici e matematici. Non sapevo fosse un bighellone.
    Ora vediamo quanta gente inizierà ad usare la corda grazie al tuo blog.

  3. Just found your blog through Black Knight blog.
    Gosh, a person who could not drag herself from Fibonacci numbers is certainly worth following. Did not know how he and his father were called. Nobody calls them that now.
    Haven't done "skipping" in ages. Maybe I should try.

  4. se avessi visto 'angeli e demoni' l'avresti risolto: il film spiega molto bene la sequenza di fibonacci! ;) ma che vita intensa che hai....

  5. Fibonacci! I love Fibonacci! I've never been able to master the skipping rope. Have a good week Natalia!

  6. Great jump workout Natalia.
    I hope your stomach issues are over by now.

  7. I bought a skipping rope a few years ago so I could join the local skipping class. I went once and the next week the class closed (hope that wasn't my fault!). Haven't used the rope since but I agree, it was a great laugh!