Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yes, it was the day........

I had a HR: 1 mile E, 6 x 1 min HR, 1 mile E today, for a total of 2 miles and 6x6 minute sprints up a hill. Well, I did all that, and managed to recuperate 2 miles of my missing 5 from last week, which leaves me with 3 to catch up to. Not too shabby considering that I actually did a lot of hill work this evening.
I started off at a gentle pace on the flat, then picked it up at the next mile on a slight hill, did the repeats at an 8% elevation, running at an 8:34 pace. This is massive for me, because I do not think a) I have ever done this before and b) I have ever been so methodical in my calculations! However reading all your blogs has provided me with good inspiration and I want to improve too! I finished off with a gentle jog at an 11 minute pace on a 2% elevation for three quarters of a mile, and then got up to 10 minutes and for another half mile. It was slightly over 4 miles in total, but who's counting, when there are still 3 outstanding!
Nuff said - now all I need to do, is repeat tomorrow. Shower, dinner and a quick start to my new book, ciao!


  1. Great run Natalia! I never do hills simply because there aren't any in my neighbourhood. And that coming from a girl who has to do a run in November with 7 hills. Help .............

    About the Stieg Larsson book/movie: it's safe to watch the movie. I'm always sceptic about books being filmed because they are never as good as the book but this one is good (the Swedish version that is). They left a few things out as the relationship between Mikael and Erika but you don't miss it really in the movie. And the girl that plays Lisbeth is really brilliant!

  2. Well done! Keep it up! I don't do hill repeats but run lots of routes with serious hills. Enjoy the book!

  3. Complimenti, gli allenamenti in salita e le ripetute sono un lavoro che ti farà acquisire forza e velocità. Purtroppo però debbono far parte di una routine altrimenti servono a poco. Spero di leggere presto tue grandi performance in gara.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, I also added you to my blogroll.

    Good for you for trying to catch up your lost miles! I missed two runs this week unfortunately and just decided to cut my losses.