Sunday, August 22, 2010

I am finally starting to feel the love.......

Given that I had to play a little catch up this week, after my hill training on Thursday, my legs were so tired on Friday, that I only managed 2 of my 4 miles, and decided to take my rest day then, did my long run yesterday, and did my 4 miles (+ 1 from those outstanding), to make it a 5 mile easy run today.
It was raining heavily all day, and I kept waiting for it to ease up, but no. So wimping out on a rainy run, I did 5 treadmill or "dreadmill" (as Stefano likes to call them) miles. It takes me a while to warm my core up, but I did it in 52:27. Not fabulous, considering that I did a 6 mile race last February in 57:33. BUT, it was pretty good for me, since I actually enjoyed it. I felt like I was having a good run, and had to put my back into it. Yesterday's long run seemed slow and very long. I do not have an exact time for that, since I forgot how to use the Garmin, and only managed to get it to work around mile 2! That just shows how long it's been since I've used it.
You may have noticed that I changed my workout log to the daily mile widget. I never quite got into the buckeye outdoors one, having abandoned my previous one, since this one offered more options. But it was just not right, and so I have only used it a few times.
My physical ailment seems to have passed, and I am finally feeling more in the zone, as I start week 6. My goals for this week are:

* sticking to the training schedule without switching the days around
* do 2 sessions of weights on cross-training days

OK, well off to try and sort out some dinner. Cheers, and Happy Monday!


  1. You've mentioned on my blog that running is always a struggle for you. Well that makes two of us. I don't have that many runs that go easy and naturally but the reward is so much bigger after we did it don't you think?

    I'm going to keep your strategy in mind about making up on miles in later runs. Sometimes a run doesn't just go the way you planned it (like this morning happened to me) and saving the miles for a later run is a good idea.

    I don't like the dreadmill for my normal runs but it's perfect for interval training.

    I'm on dailymile to, going to sent you an invitation to be my friend okay?

  2. Yes, I totally agree with you! The hard bit is pushing through it, but the satisfaction at the end is tremendous.
    Yes, making up the miles (1 here, another there), is a good way of ensuring that we have the requisite miles on race day. My last half was terrible, as I did not train for it at all, and only did a long run of 8 miles. I felt the difference from my previous ones as I was slow, and very tired all the time.
    I think the dreadmill can be very useful indeed, both for hills and intervals. I will send you a chart I use with elevations and speeds, that is quite useful. Thanks for the invite, see you there!

  3. bello che tu stia ritrovando il feeling con la corsa, forse erano necessari nuovi stimoli....

  4. You're doing well and it seems that you will be in full swing soon...good news. Keep it going! Thanks for all the positive and encouraging comments on my blog!

  5. I'm glad you didn't push yourself too hard, I think that's often how we end up with injuries.

  6. @ yogi: Grazie, ho voglia di correre sulle scale della Philadelphia Art Museum a Novembre, in stile Rocky.....e voglio essere in piena forma e compos mentos!

    @ Johann: Thanks, when I read your blog, I feel inspired to improve in my own small way!

    @ Greenie: No, I have always erred on the side of caution! But I am in it for the long haul, and still want to be running when I am a hundred!

  7. Grazie per la "mention". Mi raccomando quando corri sulle scale del P.A.M. portati un fotografo per immortalare il momento!