Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week 3

I did a 5 mile long run on Sunday, and that finished week 2. Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was 3 miles E + 4x20 sec S. I did not manage the run yesterday, so did it this morning instead. Since today is a cross training day, my plan is to fit in some stair climbing this evening, and hey, maybe even a few weights!
I was annoyed at missing yesterday's run, but I got up too late, and the choice was to do my Buddhist meditation or go for a run. I chose the former, thinking I could do the latter after work. Well, after work I ended up going for a coffee with a colleague and was exhausted by the time I got home. I was in bed by 9pm!
Up early this morning, and did that run, will have time for a smidgen of meditation, but I can do it with calm tonight! So, you may remember that I have done two stair climbs since moving to Boston. I usually do them as a vertical run. Well, my goal for next year's climb is to race it competitively!
Stairs are hard work, but there is a certain delight in the agony, and it is fun too. Well, off to sort some lunch out. Yesterday was a disaster.....I did not make any lunch and ended up eating half a wilted salad at work and a bag of crisps. Yikes! It got worse. I had a rather large slice of banana and nut bread with my colleague, and for dinner three quarters of a box of chocolate covered peanuts. All in all, it was a nightmare. I felt sick and had to have large handfuls of Citrosodina...which has quite a salty taste. So new day, and no more rubbish!


  1. I never heard of Citrosodina before - thanks for introducing me to something new. I hope it helped you!

  2. Yes, it did! I have not tried looking for this here, but I know that Bayer makes it, so it can't be too difficult to find.

  3. It's hard to juggle everything, especially when so many things are important like mediation and running. But you revised your schedule and fit the run in today. It didn't fit move on. Good job.

    For the eating, it doesn't sound that bad. I've been eating vanilla wafers all afternoon. If I were to plan, then I would do better. I know what I should do but don't know why it doesn't happen that way. :)

  4. Well done that you did do that run after all.

    I don't do any other exercises for my legs as I run 3 to 4 times a week and my legs are in good shape right now. But I do need to go to the gym to work on my upper body and core, definitely a lot of work to be done there!

  5. @ Christina: Yes, sometimes it's a hard choice.....raise your vital state, or raise your fitness! Hope you enjoyed the wafers :-)

    @ Fran: am trying.....need to buckle down with the core work though.....