Friday, July 16, 2010

My first Lululemon outfit

I went for a quick 3 mile run this morning. Since it was only 3 miles, I decided to try and speed things up a bit. I increased the speed with each mile, and the last mile and 10 yards was a 10 minute mile. To liventhings up a bit, I wore a Lululemon outfit I had bought a few weeks ago and never got around to wearing.
I had intially shunned these clothes, as I thought the runners items ran more to my taste (no pun intended). However, I am a bit bored of the same colours and styles, and decided I wanted to experiment a bit more. So I went off to the Lululemon store one Friday and tried on a couple of outfits. I ended up with a top and pair of capris. The fit was great and I loved the colours!  The top is a great fit, though I find the neck a bit low.  I like to have my chest covered when I go running as I do not like the sun on it.  The sports bra goes somewhat toward 'sheltering' the exposed flesh.  Notwithstanding that, it would be                                                                                                               
great to wear in the gym as well. Now these capris really come into their own!  They are colourful, and fit like a dream.  Made of lightweight cotton with a bit of elastacine, they are quick drying and look terrific.  The saleswoman advised me to wash these items by hand, so they are a bit high maintenance.  Having said that, I will start off doing that, and I am sure they will end up in the washing machine!  I will definitely return to Lululemon for more capris, but am not sure about their running tops.  This is what the complete outfit looks like! As you can see I am not too good at the    self-image thing, but you get the idea of the Lululemon 'look'.

Imagine my surprise when I saw bags if Quorn in Wholefoods last week!  I had tried asking about when we first moved here, but was always referred to cobs of corn.  Quorn is a meat and soy substitute and is basically harvested from fungi.  Whilst this might sound a bit odd, it is delicious and very healthy!
I usually cook it first, the put it aside.  Then I stir fry the vegetables, and make a sauce, to which  the Quorn is added last.  A few good dashes of seasoning, and you are good to go.  I use this when we have tacos, but last night I made some penne rigate (striped pasta) with it.  While this can never be classified as  haute cusine, it does turn out rather tasty, and fuels a run pretty well too.  Tonight was double treat night: we watched the Tour de France, and we had pizza.  The stage was not very exciting, but the pizza was very good!


  1. con quel fisico ti starebbe bene qualunque cosa.... basta non esagerare con la pizza! ;)

  2. Veramente un bel completo e pensare che fino a pochi anni fa non potevamo indossare altro che cotone!

  3. @the yogi:

    @ Black Knight: Grazie! Eh si, si arrivava a fine corsa allucinata, e anche sudata fradicia! Ora si arriva sempre allucinata, ma pare un po' meno sudata!