Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fabulous holiday, no running!

I am back from a fabulous and very intense 9 days in Siena.  Naturally it was all too short!  It was baking every day, with the average temperature around 35°C.  Of course, it would have been ideal to get up early and go for a run, but when you have been up until 4am every night, it is a bit challenging.  By the time we had breakfast etc, the sun was high and hot in the sky.
I'm afraid there was no time to do anything exercise related, except talk about it!  I saw my friends, ate good food, drank good wine, and just generally felt back in my skin again.  I felt the old me and it was wonderful.  Everyone was curious about the US, and could not believe how easy it is to do a triathlon, duathlon etc.  These things are not difficult in and of themselves in Siena, there are perhaps just fewer events - especially triathlons, which are mainly olympic distances in Italy.
Still, I did have a sign, and reconnect to my old running life:  I met an old team mate at a concert.  Gabsi was a professional athlete, and could run like the wind.  He told me that he was getting on a bit, but "is still amongst the first" in races.  His idea of 'getting on a bit' is running a marathon in 2:18!  Gabsi and I have made an appointment to run another race together.  In Siena, I used to see him at the starting line.  By the time I finished, he had already collected his medal, his bags of pasta and bottles of wine and oil, and gone home.  But next time I go back, we will do a race together again.

                                                 Gabsi and I at the Marco Mengoni concert.

Well, I could on on and on, but I've posted a link below, with more pics of my trip, and since I got back, I have done a couple of short runs, and also some stair climbing.  My training for the Philly marathon starts at the end of July, and I am looking forward to starting with the right foot!


  1. La vacanza è già finita, mi dispiace. Penso che a Siena avrai fatto grandi mangiate di chianina e bevuto vino di Montalcino. Vedrai che i 9 giorni senza correre non avranno assolutamente influito sul tuo stato di forma, farai presto a riprendere i ritmi normali. Goditi questi giorni di tranquillità prima di iniziare il programma che ti porterà a trionfare nella Philly marathon.

  2. Hai Natalia, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Love to see the pictures of Sienna, brings back memories. I loved Sienna when we were there. We go to Italy almost every year on a holiday. Not this year as we recently got a puppy and didn't want to leave her behind.

    I like your blog and added you to my Google reader so I can read more.


  3. Glad you had such a good time. We need these positive experiences from time to time. Good luck with your training!

  4. @ Black Knight: Hai capito tutto! Altro che grandi mangiate.....i miei amici mi hanno fatto tutto cio' che desideravo....sono stata da regina. Ma tornare a Siena mi ha risanato l'anima.......sono stati giorni ed emozioni che da tanto non vivo piu', essendo lontano dalla mia altra casa. Per la maratona a Philly, mi daro' da fare....:-)

    @ Fran: Great! I like your blog husband lived in Holland for a Winkewijn in Amsterdam. I used to love visiting. I bought some fabulous Delft tiles, and have great plans for them one day.

    @ Johann: Oh it was great! I feel ready to start the training again. Might have to ask for some advice though.....when I am further along.

  5. That's a really cool picture and how neat to know an elite athlete. Glad to hear to you had a great time and felt like you were in your own skin again.

  6. @ Christina: Yes, he is still pretty fast. It was so unexpected seeing him again, and hearing about some of the other runners I knew.....