Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I know I have been a bit quiet, but things have been quite exciting recently.  After my last post in April, I  started running regularly, and it was terrific.  I also joined a lunchtime pilates class, and slowly started building up my core strength again.  Then I went home to South Africa, to see my mum who lives in Cape Town.
Well, despite the dramas of Eyjafjallajökull, after 2 and a half days of flying, I finally got to Cape Town. Oh it was good to be home!  Although I had taken lots of running stuff with me, since it was such a short visit (10 days), there was no time to go out running.  We had perfect 27°C weather, and the time flew by between doing stuff with my mum and seeing all my friends again.  I managed to get on my mum's elliptical machine a few times, but let me emphasize "few"!  There was just so much to do, and it was hectic.  The photo above was taken on a Friday evening at around 6pm...the traffic from the centre of town out to the southern suburbs was at a standstill...reason being the Cape Stormers were playing the Crusaders (Super 14 rugby series), everyone was rushing to Newlands (where the rugby stadium is), and we won 42-12.  Yes, it was a good game...and I finally got to see Invictus.  And yes, Matt Damon is quite buff in it - no Francois Pienaar, but we can make do......
Surprisingly the 2 weekends I was there, there were no road races.  The first weekend did see Port Elizabeth host Ironman South Africa, but it was an 8 hour drive , and I was not sure that was what my mum wanted to do two days after my arrival, so I skipped that.  But with all the glorious weather, it was fabulous to go out, be with other Capetonians again and enjoy the Atlantic seaboard.
I got back to Boston and am just getting back into my 'normal' sleep patterns.  Although I'm not quite there yet with the early morning running, as I am struggling to wake up at 5, I went for an evening run today, and it was terrific.  Good run, good pace, good weather (very cool) and it all came together very nicely.  Well, more to follow, but that is just a quick catch up with where I've been this past month.  I am looking forward to reading all your blogs, and finding out what you have been up to!  Cheers, and happy running.


  1. Natalia!

    It sounds like it was a fantastic trip!

    My baby girl arrived 3 weeks early, on 12 Apr at 8.29am. Helen Patricia, 7lbs 4oz 19". Dylan adores her and is a fabulous big brother!

    I've been mom/babe yoga for the past three weeks, and lots of walks, so my plan is to return to running tomorrow! Begin slowly and build up the endurance gradually! I'm very excited at the prospect, and I need to set a goal, sign up for a race. Only 4 weeks post-partum, so I must remember to be kind to myself!

    Happy running to you too!

    wendy ;)

  2. Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you enjoyed your Cape Town visit so much. It is strange that there was no race around Cape Town. That's a beautiful picture of the mountain!

  3. @ Wendy: Congratulations! That is wonderful news on your baby girl. I have been wondering how you are doing. Dylan must have grown somewhat?! Your return to running is very exciting news! I am looking forward to hearing more, and catching up. Yes, be kind and gentle with yourself....running is forever......

    @Johann: Yes, there were races in the Cape province, but not CT itself. There was a trail race across Table Mountain limited to 400, but it had sold out months ago. Never mind, I am thinking about doing the 2 Oceans next year...any chance you have done it? If so, I would love to hear how you trained for it.