Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fourteen Miles

I have just finished week 8 of 18 in my marathon training programme.  Today was a 14 mile run, but after the run I realised that I had in fact done next week's run - this week I was supposed to do 10.  Well never mind, I can just do 14 again, should be good for building up the old endurance.
This week was ok, but I missed Friday's run. Reason being that I went out on Thursday night and had a few cocktails that completely screwed up my system.  I was really annoyed with myself, as I really felt off on Friday.  I felt like I had poisoned my system, and the effect was still the same today.  The long run was long and hard!  Well, no more cocktails - it's just too much hassle.
I tried out the new super compression tights today, and boy are they tight!  They do hold the muscles in, as well as the knees, which started feeling a bit wobbly around mile 12.  I actually ran for a mile and then had to go home and change as I was wearing an under armour base layer, and I was baking after 5 minutes.  The thought of running 14 miles in this condition was too much to bear, so I ran home and changed.
I also decided to have lunch and go out a bit later.  Long story short, it took more than 9 miles before I started feeling comfortable.  I felt full and it was tough pounding out those miles.  Still, one day I will nail this nutrition business.  I have no idea why I did not have a banana or a power bar, but chose the remainder of my pizza from dinner.  Still, I am chalking it all up to experience.  Hopefully I will make fewer of these mistakes in the future.
At the end of my run, I could 'feel' my legs, and walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill when I got home, then stretched and had a glorious shower.  I am pleased with my run, but think it could have been a lot better.  I need to be a bit more organized and thoughtful about what I need to do, rather than just doing it.

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