Monday, November 16, 2009

Shopping at Triathlete Sports

Triathlete Sports were having a sale, with 10% off all purchases, so to celebrate my first half marathon, I ordered some stuff.  I love capri length tights, so I ordered a pair from Orca.  The reasoning behind buying Orca was that I tried out their 2XU wetsuit this summer, and it was awesome!  So, naturally when I saw they made running tights too, I thought I would try a pair.
The sportive tight is made from Orca Form which provides muscle support.  Indeed when I tried it on, it felt like getting into a wetsuit.  These tights are tight!  I have only tried them on once, but they feel and look like they have been sprayed on.  They are well elasticated around the waist, and have quite a few reflective strips and logos, which make them ideal for running in poor light.  I saw a pair of Zoot tights, but since I wanted a black pair, I thought to go with Orca.  The verdict is still out, as I have not yet been for a run in them, but watch this space.
My second purchase was a present for my dear friend Kathy.  Kathy is a fabulous runner who still runs, but no longer does any marathons.  For her I chose a Louis Garneau top from their 2010 collection.  It is in a gorgeous turquoise colour with black panels and reflective strips.  The fabric is wonderful and Kathy loved it!
My third and perhaps most important purchase was a box of GUs.  I had tried almost all the flavours, and  had come to the conclusion that I only liked the Espresso GU.  After 2 of them though, I feel quite hyperactive.  I had also been through the range of hammergels, and did not bond with any of their flavours.  I had tried taking kitkat 2 finger snack bars with me on long runs, but the taste is quite awful, even though they are useful when you do not have any alternatives around.  I admit that I bought the chocolate outrage flavour blindly - I have never seen this in any of the shops I have visited (and believe me, I have been to many, in various states), so I have never tried it.
So I was waiting for the weekend to try out both capris and GU.  When the weekend finally came around, it was raining all the time.  Since I had another engagement on Sunday, I swapped my long run and rest day, and went out for a 10 miler on Saturday.  I had a GU before I left, but nothing could have prepared me for the taste of heaven that is their chocolate outrage offering.  It is divine....not unlike chocolate icing, but without the stultefying sweetness.  Super yum, I found my running fix!
Since it was raining heavily when I left for my run, I wore long running tights to keep my legs a bit warm at least.  And it was a wonderful run.  Very few people were out, so I could hear myself running through puddles and the squishing sound of trainers on water-logged grass.  It was the first time I actually managed to run on the grass around the Charles River, as it is usually taken over by doggies and small children.  I was a bit tired at the end, but I had also run at a much increased pace than last week.  This gives me hope for a sub 2 half one day......
Triathlete Sports are a great online resource.  They ship within 24 hours and you get exactly what you ordered.  I have bought stuff from them in the past, and have been very satisfied.  Excellent customer service, and they keep some great lines such as KSwiss, Louis Garneau, etc.

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