Sunday, October 25, 2009

On track and running again!

I have not posted anything in a while, since we have had loads of visitors. Of course it was wonderful to see our friends and family again, and there was so much to do and show them around Boston, our new stomping ground! It was interesting to see how our lives have changed over the past year since moving here. We had a much more leisurely lifestyle in Europe, whilst the US seems really quite intense. For me this is most evident at work, but it also became quite apparent when our visitors came. That being said, we are having a great time here, as did our guests.
Having guests is great, but it also means that there is little time to write anything - especially since our guest room also functions as a study. Anyway, I managed to be sufficiently organized and still keep to my new programme. Yes, this new programme is proving to be just the thing! I feel motivated and enthusiastic about running again. There are plenty of fartlek and intervals, which was missing from the previous programme I was following. I have run regularly for the past 2 weeks and it has been hard work! Conventional wisdom says that when you stop running, it is awful when you start up again. I can attest that this is true even when you go off course, but do not necessarily stop running completely.
I am now running in my Brooks shoes, but my feet still feel a bit funny. I suppose it will take time to feel 'normal' again, but I am so very thankful that nothing more serious resulted from wearing the wrong running shoes. Another problem has also become quite pressing, and after a year I am finally going to see a doctor. When I run fast, I get tremendous cramps and have to stop and recover. It is pretty awful and usually involves blood. Now, I feel completely wretched after runs especially when I have tried to pick up the pace a bit. Well more on that later, but I suspect it might have something to do with nutrition.
Today I had a long 8 mile run scheduled, and was a bit apprehensive about it. Well, I did 9 miles, and ran at a slower pace, but finished it feeling good. I could still come home and make lunch, and did not need an afternoon nap. It has been a long time since I felt this good. It was disappointing not to chase a time, or at least try to, but there were no cramps, no blood, and it was a great run under a blue sunny sky!

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