Saturday, October 31, 2009

An amazing run - 8 miles!

Last Sunday my long run was an 8 miler. Given some of the health issues I have been having lately, I was feeling slightly bothered, and thought about taking the easy option, and doing it on the treadmill. However, I guess the key to the long run in marathon training is to actually get out and run the distance itself. I decided to stay close to home, and if I needed to, I could always stop and walk for a bit, or even walk home.
Sunday was a beautiful day, the sun was up and the wind was blowing. I took a bottle of water and off I went. It was a truly stunning day and everyone was out. I started at a leisurely pace, and continued at what I think was a 5.8 pace. Not terribly fast, but I wanted to finish the run. When I finished the run, it turned out to be 9 miles in total, and was such a great feeling. The longest run I ever did outdoors, was a 12 mile run in Italy, but then I used to run with Francesco (my running partner) who used to spur me on as well as set a good pace.
What was special about the run on Sunday is that now I can truly say I can run alone! I am free of my angst.
It was a great run, the beautiful autumn colours along the Charles River were magnificent. It left me with a good feeling, and I am looking forward to my next long run, which is a simple 6 miles next Sunday.

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