Friday, September 23, 2016

My Clo Cow HM

I love cows.  So it was no surprise that I signed up for the Clo Cow half marathon.  I think I got a bit carried away at the thought of green trees, cows and glorious sunshine.  When I went to pick up the race packet, I was shocked at how hot it was!  It was baking, and there seemed to be lots and lots of hills, which made me start wondering at the wisdom of this move.  Well, I'd signed up for it, so there was nothing for it, but to turn up and run.
The next morning saw a 7am start - thank goodness, as it was probably 90*F when I finished.  We started off, and the first mile was all uphill. Right. The next mile was also uphill.  OK. And so it continued. But it was all very delightful.  I loved the early, silent morning - the soft mooing of the cows, and the screaming thigh muscles. I was very glad that I had elected to wear a hydration pack, as those uphills did me in.  True I walked a lot of them, because I have not been doing any hill training, but I have been doing a lot of run-walk, so that I am not in agony at the end of a long race.
It wasn't a big race - around 300 people, but it was so well organised. And the cheer team were amazing!  They were in it 100%.  I had a great time.
The last mile and a half, I ran barefoot.  My foot was bothering me a bit, and there was instant relief running freely.  I just wish I was ready to run completely barefoot. My feet may need a lot more training and exposure before I get to the point of running long distances like that.
This was probably my slowest HM ever, but it was one that I enjoyed the most. If not the most ever.  I was/am in a totally different frame of mind re my running. I am finally feeling excited about it again. It's taken long enough, but I am starting to enjoy my running again. And I think this race pic shows it. Typically I would not post such a pic, as I can think of all the things I don't like about it.  But there are more things that I love about it, and Sunday was such a happy, joyful run! Watch this space for further developments!

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