Sunday, August 21, 2016

Loss of speed and Race Report

I had great fun at the July 4 5K.  I wore my NASA combo outfit, and felt like a million dollars. The race however, was not without it's minor dramas.  There was only one afternoon for packet pickup which I could'nt make. On race morning, I had to queue for my number - along with those registering for the first time.  It was a total shambles! There were laptops on which people had to register.  When it finally got to my turn, the laptops logged themselves out, as the maximum number of participants had been reached.  I then had to convince the organiser that indeed I had already registered online, and just needed a number.  As all this was going on, I could hear the anthem in the background, and I was furious!  I like singing the anthem...... Anyway, by the time I got my number and rushed off, the race had already started.
So off I ran, and soon caught up with the stragglers.  Anyway, I don't like such fast starts - I had planned a half mile warm up, a few sprints, and then to start strong. Just starting like that knackers me, and of course it caught up with me, as I just could'nt find a rhythm.  Still, I had a decent run, in the heat and humidity, and I am glad I dd that race.  However, I don't think I will be doing it again.  Maybe another July 4 somewhere, but not that one.
After that race, I continued with my on-off training for Oakland's We Run This Town, half marathon.  Yes, it was more off than on training, but my goal was to finish with as little pain as possible.  Usually after a half I am in agony, and need to go to bed for the rest of the day, and everything hurts for a week. Well that day I need to be on point, as I had another event in the afternoon, and I needed to be awake and alive.  My speed really does seem to have evaporated.  But I did finish, and remain, pain-free.
But I realise that I have such a lot of work to do!  My speed is just gone and I don't even have the legs to sprint at the end.  I need to increase my mileage, but I am under strict orders from my podiatrist not to run long distances.  And indeed, a week after this half, my feet are still swollen up.  I am just grateful I can run, so I am not complaining too much, but I have to work out what to do about my pace.  I also think I need to go and see a sports podiatrist. So I guess I'm in a holding pattern.  But that's ok.  It's taking a while to get over this injury, but I'll get there. It's just that patience was never a virtue of mine!

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