Friday, December 11, 2015

What happened next......

After my mum left, August was a sad month, as I really missed her.  However, I started thinking about getting back into my running, and running more regularly.  In August I ran 50 miles, in September 75 and in October 100!  I have never run 100 miles in one month ever, and it was a terrific experience. However, I also got an attack of achilles tendinitis and needed to go for some physio.  I cut back on the miles, got a pair of new shoes, and it seemed like it was helping.  But I still have it, and I should be more vigilant about my exercises, but you know how it can be......
Running-wise November was not really too exciting, as I was struggling with injury.  But cutting down on my miles is never a good thing for me, because I slacked off completely.  Come December, and I find myself back to where I started in August. It is very frustrating, and I am a bit cross with myself on that score.
I did have some good races though.  Tough but exciting. In August I ran the Golden Gate Double Road Race.  First a 5K, then a 3K.  I love these double races.  Also ran as part of the Most Fit Team, and got an extra medal!

Then in September I ran the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge - 3.5 miles.  It was like running through glue, as I was training aerobically at the time, trying to get more miles under my belt. Both Stuart and I ran ran with our company teams on a balmy summer's night.

We also ran a very fun race in September to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future, called SF Awesome 80s Run.  It was a bit chaotic as there were no directions at the 3 mile turnaround, and people were running in all directions.  But it was a small race, and the costumes were brilliant!  I went as a terminator......

Then, at the start of October I ran a self-supported half marathon for breast cancer in SF, the Pinkathon. It was a baking hot day, and we ran from the Embarcadero up to the Golden Gate bridge and back. It was a baking hot day, and it was long and slow, but I raised some money for breast cancer, and that was pretty cool.

At the end of October I ran Edith Gosney's Super Ultra half marathon.  That was pure blood, sweat and tears.  It was the Dipsea Trail out and back, challenging, but oh so tough.  I am going to run more hills, and go back next year and do a better job.

In November I ran the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll half marathon. That was exciting, as it took place at night. It was raining when we started, and the wind was howling.  I was a bit chilled, but as soon as we started running, I warmed up.  I went at a pretty decent clip for 10 miles, and then the last 3 miles were running into the wind.  A very harsh, cold wind that just knocked me off my feet.  My hoped for time, was gone, big time.  But it was still a good race for me, because I ran those 10 miles very well, without stopping.  Now I just need to develop more endurance.

I also ran a 5K on Stanford University campus for PAH research, It was a sunny day, and I thought I'd try and get a good time.  But the problem with shorter races is, unless you are actually in front at the start of the race, you spend a lot of time dodging people.  You have a chance to catch up later - well I do anyway, because it takes me so long to warm up.  But I ended up running with a colleagues daughter.  It was one of the best running experiences I've ever had.  It was fun, and it was a very sweet thing to encourage a little girl who was feeling off colour and to finish the race together.  I loved every moment of it.  Here is a pic with us, posted with permission from her mum,

The start of December was so awesome, it will have a separate post!

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  1. Cara Natalia, purtroppo per noi, l'infortunio è sempre dietro l'angolo.
    Anche io come te, ho ripreso a correre in agosto, ho iniziato a gareggiare a settembre, fino al 31 ottobre. adesso mi trovo fermo da un mese con uno stiramento del bicipite femorale.
    Cosa vogliamo farci, fa parte del gioco.