Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New race......

So after years of not having anything to say, seems like I now have a whole lot to get off my chest.  I signed up for a race on July 4th.  How can I not run on Independence Day?  The interesting thing is, that this is a 4 miler.  I have only ever run a 4 miler once - in Boston - on Thanksgiving - in 2009. My time was 39:24, and I remember being shocked, because I thought I'd come in around 45 minutes.
I am excited about this race.  I bought a new pair of leggings- well skirty leggings, as I thought it was only fitting to run in stars.  I am expecting my purchase tomorrow! Isn't it pretty?

I think it's time to run 4 miles again.  It's an odd kind of distance.  On Sunday mile 4 was my slowest.  I felt tired after my 9:26 start for mile 1.  But if I can suck it up a bit more, I should have something left for mile 4.  Unfortunately I won't have too much time to run this week, but I hope to at least 3 times.  That, and maybe some more planks and stretching.......Well, I'm off to find a red top........

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