Monday, February 7, 2011

And now for the skinny........

I know that my previous account was not really a race report, as there were no stats etc.  I realized this, and when Cristina emailed me asking how I felt, what it was like etc., I thought I would give you all the skinny on it.
I had been feeling pretty lousy all of last week with a strep throat infection.  That combined with a stomach virus left me feeling depleted of energy and under the weather.  I took no end of herbal remedies because I did not want to take any antibiotics before my event.  They must have been slightly efficacious because I did feel a lot better by Sunday.  I did my last stairclimb on Monday, and I could feel my chest was still tight.  Tuesday morning I felt ok, but tired after a sleepless night.  It is no joke driving down to NY in bad weather, and everything was such a rush.  We left at around 4pm, after I had done a full day's work. Got to NY at around 8:30, had dinner and straight to bed. 
Perhaps my previous race report lacked a certain sense of excitement, and this is true.  Quite honestly I felt a little disappointed in my performance.  I wanted to do better, but did find the stairs slightly challenging at the ESB.  In the end I think the real reason as to why it turned out so differently, is because this is the result of last year's non-training.  Certainly 3 months are not enough to get back into tip top shape.  It has taken me at least a year to lose all my fitness, and I guess it will take at least a year to build it back up again.  But one always hopes to do a good job, and when it is a so-so job, it is a bit disappointing.  However, I can say that I trained for this, and did it to the best of my ability of the moment.
The fastest woman in my wave did it in 16:06, the fasted guy in 13:38.  I did it in 31:03.  I have decided though, that I will go back next year and improve my time.  This time I will take a few days off, and be more in the moment.
I also did my second stair climb on Saturday, at the Mellon Financial Centre.  This is my annual event which raises money for the American Lung Association.  I ran up 82 floors, 786 stairs and my time was 12:00. 
Two years ago I did it in 10:29, but I was also very fit then.  I am pleased with my time, though what shocked me is just how unfit i have become.  Well, the stairs are going to be a fixture in my training this year, as I am determined to reacquire my previous fitness and then some.  Report and pics for Saturday's race will follow shortly.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you've been under the weather, girl. ::hugs::

  2. I think you did great and seeing that you were feeling so bad in the week leading up to the race you did fantastic! I would be very happy with just completing this. Having said that, wanting to better your time next year is a great goal to work for.
    Thanks for the lovely Afrikaans comment on my blog...much appreciated! I'll mail you the title of the book I'm after as well as a DVD title. Rest well this week.

  3. You did a great job after a difficult week! When you take this into consuderation you will be able to take a lot of positives out of your performance and am sure you will get back to your previous levels

  4. I agree with Johann: you did great and I'm sure you will do better next year.

    Look at it this way: you are back in training, you could have easily made the choice and do nothing. In that case you wouldn't have climbed those stairs. You'll get your fitness back, no worries.

  5. You were fantastic and did something most people wouldn't do. I don't think I could climb stairs in training like you did. I would totally wuss out.

    I hope your feeling better now.

  6. Given the fact that you were sick just before the climb, continuing to train as well as competing in the event at all are seriously impressive achievements.

    Reading what you faced and how you are reflecting on the outcome in order to improve next time gives me hope that I, too, if ever facing similar circumstances, can muster up the strength you did.

  7. e hai fatto del tuo meglio non devi dispiacerti, avrai modo di migliorarti la prox volta... ah, per la gola usa il propoli spray! ;)

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself. You’re in better shape then you realize, but being under the weather can drastically affect your performance. I have discovered that our fitness level is like life - It has ups and downs. Getting back up and traveling upwards builds strength and character. After all, it's really about the journey we remember most.

  9. Anche io, come dice theyogi, uso il propoli ma in pasticche.
    Fai bene a non assumere antibiotici prima della gara, indeboliscono troppo.
    Fare una gara salendo gli scalini è sempre e comunque una grande impresa brava.
    P.S.: Se l'Italia perde anche la prossima partita la federazione rugby cambia allenatore; l'Inghilterra ci ha distrutti!!!!