Monday, December 13, 2010

Rave Run

Every week I will try and write a post about a 'rave run' that I have had (thank you, Runners World).  It might be related to the scenery, quality of run, length of run, spirit of the run, or challenging my running karma.

Karma is formed by thought, word and deed.  If you want to know the causes you have created in the past, look as the effects in your present.  If you want to know your future, look to the causes you are creating in your present.  My running karma is not brilliant, but with a little work (emphasis on little), I was starting to get to a good place.  And then 2010 happened.  I have no idea why things went so screwy, but with the 20/20 vision that hindsight brings, I had the opportunity to change some small aspects of my running karma.  When I was feeling down I could have forced myself to go counter-tendency, and go for a run.  When I was having a poor run, I could have challenged myself to demand a bit more.  But I did not.
Nothing is ever in vain though, and the suffering of this year (missing my goals, poor performance etc) has strengthened my determination to try and create some new causes that will manifest stunning effects - not that I am trying to trivialize the concept of cause and effect.    You can change your karma - especially your running karma, and this was what I had decided after Philly.
The first opportunity came this evening.  I was in a bad place when I got home.  But the thought of the responsibility I have committed to, as well as the desire to create some good mojo, forced me out of the door.
I did 1000 steps in 35 minutes.  It was good.  There was a degree of lung burn involved, but it was a small price for a huge return!  And this was my rave run.  I do the stairs without music as I am trying to focus on, and think about what I am doing.  Now all I need to do, is repeat!
Japanese Garden in Montreal


  1. What a beautiful garden. Here's to a shiny, new year!

  2. pensavo a un tuo commento e ti associavo allo 'yoga del servizio': questo post ne è la conferma....

  3. That is awesome! I like the idea of a rave run. You are going to get so strong from doing those stairs. Keep it going!

  4. Well done Natalia. You went out and did it after a hard day: that's the spirit and it seems you've got it back. I'm happy for you!

  5. Sono 3 giorni che provo a postare un commento sul tuo blog e finalmente oggi ci riesco. Tutti noi che corriamo ci facciamo prendere dai pensieri più disparati ma, alla fine, la cosa più importante è che stiamo correndo, non importa come e quando. Te lo dice uno che ha provato la sedia a rotelle e non sapeva neanche se avrebbe potuto camminare ancora. Adesso vivi con gioia questa nuova avventura sulle scale e poi avanti verso nuovi traguardi. A presto.

  6. @Mary: Thank you and hope your new year is equally shiny!

    @Yogi: Hmmm riparliamo......

    @Johann: Why don't you do a rave run regular posting too? It would be great......I will let you know the effects of the stairs when I do a race.

    @Fran: Thank you Fran, I enjoyed reading about your good spirit this year, so hopefully I can join you.

    @Stefano: Grazie per le tue parole gentile e incorraggiante.....Ammiro moltissimo il tuo spirito nella corsa, e sopratutto per aver superare una cosa cosi', sei formidabile. Grazie ancora di aver condiviso questo con noi.....