Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rave Run - 19th December 2010

* Warning - this is a photo fest!

On Sunday 19th December, I ran a 5K in Cambridge called the Winter Classic.  This was a small race (less than 500 participants) and the start was 100m from our flat.  It was one of the most fun, jolly and entertaining races which I thoroughly enjoyed - both for the spirit and the course.
The course was fast and flat - down Massachusetts Avenue, straight on to Harvard Square and then loop back.  I was undecided about doing a race at all, and rushed down to the pub at 5pm on Saturday evening to register for it.  The deciding factor was the weather forecast predicting snow!
After delivering the two dozen fairy cakes I had baked to the fire station, I made my way to the start line.  It was rather cold and a chilly wind was blowing.  Without much ado, we were off.

Everyone was cheering and there were smiling faces everywhere.  There were also some great costumes.  Besides which, you could also see people in tights, shorts and pyjama bottoms.

Perhaps the bravest of us all was the boy in a red speedo......and believe you me, it was really cold!

When I started out, it felt like I had not been running in ages.  The air was so cold, it was almost painful breathing in.  A mile into the race I suddenly wondered at the race distance....was it 5 kilometres or 5 miles? It was tempting to ask someone, but it was too cold, so I thought why bother, just finish it.  Shortly after the turnaround there was a water stop, and I had some....yes you guessed it, icy cold water. When I started up again, I had fully recovered and picked up the pace a bit more.  Towards the end of the race I started feeling really strong (that would have been useful at the start and in the middle).  I thought about what Johann has written re getting stronger through stairs, and I can say that he is 100% correct.  During the last few 5Ks I have always run out of steam towards the end, and have not been able to finish really strongly.  This past Sunday I got better and better towards the end.  The final quarter yard was a good solid sprint  and when I finished, I was satisfied.  I am 5 minutes slower than last June, and finished in 31:20.  My 5K goal this year is to get my time back down - a nice round 26 would do nicely thank you.  I will run the same race next year, and see how I've done.  And now for a few final pics of that truly Rave Run.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I LOVE all the pictures and look how awesome you look crossing the finish. The lading in the package costume is cool. The speedo guy...hmmm, undecided about him. It takes balls to run in that (pun intended). It must be very different running on the east coast. Not only because of the weather but you actually have finish line photos and a fancy finish line set up.

  2. What a fun race! I LOVED the guy in the speedo. Some people have all the nerve!! :-)

  3. I love the running present! The Speedo guy probably PR'd because he was so cold!

  4. Now this is a true Rave Run, awesome! Lovely photos! Speedo guy is certainly brave. It's wonderful to read these positive running posts by you. You are going to have a great 2011 running year!

    Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas with lots of love and happiness.

  5. molto divertenti queste gare, grazie soprattutto a personaggi così simpatici... :)

  6. Love it! It looks like everybody is having a lot of fun.

    I wish you a merry Christmas too Natalia.

  7. Such fun! Merry Christmas, Natalia.

  8. @Christina: Balls he had for sure (pun elaborated upon!) He was standing near me in the tent before the race, trying to keep warm!

    @Julie: Yep they do! Maybe it's a Cambridge thing. There is also an annual event which comes up in January - Ride the Red Line in your underpants day. People wear their knickers on the red line and this in the middle of winter.

    @Greenie: His time was may be right!

    @Alan: Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Johann: Baie dankie, I hope so, I am trying to take a leaf out of your book...I really love your energy.

    @Yogi: Eh si, non ci si annoia qui!

    @Fran: It really was the proverbial good time.

    @JK: It was a blast!

  9. Io penso che il maggior divertimento in questo tipo di corse sia quello di godersi l'atmosfera natalizia e l'estro dei corridori che si vestono nel modo più divertente. Poi, vuoi mettere, partecipare ad una gara sotto casa? Belle foto.
    Ok per il meet up in Italia e chissà che non si riesca anche a trovare una gara da correre tutti insieme fino al traguardo. Buon fine anno e felice 2011.