Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It was the best of times, but mainly it was the worst.....

The past three weeks have been both good and bad. We have had friends visiting from Switzerland and Italy these past 2 weeks, and they have passed in a whirl of dinners, trips, outings and shopping. This has been the great part. The challenging part has been trying to keep up with my programme. I have not managed it at all.
What has been even more difficult was catching up on the news....illness, divorce, children.....all the small, meaningful dimensions of our friends lives that we are no longer actively part of anymore. Even though there is a fleeting sadness, what remains behind is a sense of disconnection. And so it continues, the exquisite agony of lives being lived in parallel, but never quite meeting. However, the ray of hope on the horizon must surely lie in the scientific proof that even parallel lines do meet at some point, at infinity - or does infinity begin where parallel lines meet? Anyway, enough of that.
I had a great time with my friends from Italy. It was wonderful to show them Boston, and the culinary delights of Cambridge! They were amazed, and fell in love with Boston. In fact, they have promised to be back soon.
My running programme is totally topsy-turvy now, and I have been wondering if I could even think about doing the marathon in November. Well, Sunday I did an 18 mile run, and whilst it was not pretty, I finished it, and I know I could do more. That pretty much decided it: I have set myself a goal, and come hell or high water, I will see it through. I know if I went for the half I would do rather well. In fact I am fairly convinced I could do a 2:10. But I said I would do 26.2 miles and I am not going to back out now!
Just a quick reminder that this coming Sunday, 7 November is World Run Day, and here is the honour roll of participants in this run:

* Fran - undefined distance
* Johann - recovery run after 32K
* Stefano: 10K
* Mary - undefined distance after marathon in Greece
* Wendy - 8K
* Christina - half marathon
* Erika - undefined distance
* Natalia - 20 miles

Thank you again everyone for being so game in participating in this event - and don't forget to make a donation to a charity of your choice. I will be catching up on reading all your blogs too.


  1. I'll pass on World Run Day. I've given in October for Breast Cancer and I need to watch my money now. Got some expensive months in November and December but wish everybody good luck.

    I admire you for doing the marathon!
    I skipped a run this month, it was only 15K but with a lot of hills and supposed to be one of the toughest runs in Holland and I'm just not ready for it. After a few sleepless nights over it I decided not to do it and give it another try next year.

  2. I am sure you will still do well in your marathon - Good Luck!

  3. Friends come first, running second (at least sometimes). If you did that 18 miles you can do the marathon for sure. You must just take it easy from the start. Yes, I will do the recovery run on Sunday. I'm donating to my local SPCA.

  4. pare che non capiti mai nulla che non siamo in grado di affrontare: non resta che guardare avanti con fiducia, e la mara di boston potrebbe aiutare....

  5. Good luck on entering the full marathon, I'm sure you'll do great and wonder why ever doubted entering once you've finished.

  6. Vai con la maratona e non preoccuparti. Hai corso 18 miglia, è importante che tu li abbia fatti non la velocità, quella apparirà d'incanto durante la gara. Buon week end e a domani per la World Run Day. La mia donazione andrà ad un canile.

  7. I did my 5km recovery run for World Run Day this morning. Hope your weekend is great!