Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now for something fun....yes, fun!

Last November saw the inaugural run of a 5K Super Hero race here in Cambridge. You could run as one of a quartet (the Fantastic Four) or seven of you could run as the Magnificent Seven. Finally, you could run as an individual super hero. I wanted to participate, but could not think of a female super hero I wanted to be (besides Wonder Woman or Cat Woman). Indeed I thought about it so much, and how this is so gender-skewed, that I got into some heated discussions with Stuart, and forgot about the race. Deep was my regret when I saw them running down the street, outside our flat. There was Wonder Woman, Dorothy (complete with basket), and other characters. Most of all, these people looked like they were having a ball!
This year, I will be prepared, but I need some help. A simple option is to go as Wonder Girl - the costume is awaiting in the new party shop that opened a few blocks down. What I would really like to go as, is Master Yoda. However, the costume consists of a full rubber mask, a long, flowing robe and of course a light sabre to add the finishing touch. The robe and sabre I can just about manage....the full rubber mask which you have to pull over your head, seems a bit much to run in for 5 kilometres!
But there are not so many female super heroes around. I know Master Yoda is not exactly a girl, but there are female jedi (and anyway, under the mask it makes no difference) In a perfect world, I would like to go as  a female super hero, but .......Who else is there?


  1. Yoda would be great but I agree that mask can take the fun out of the run. What about princess Leia or Padmé? Lara Croft is another option.

  2. Xena: Warrior Princess
    The Bionic Woman

  3. One of the girls from the X Men series?

  4. Not having a clue I did a web search and found there is a female super hero convention. Who would have guessed. Check around the site for inspiration.

    Here's a costume site, although pricy.

    and another site with a cute lady bug costume

  5. Still surfing. This lights up...