Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday's tempo run on Saturday

Saturday:  Tempo Run

1 mile E: 11:31
2 mile T: 9:47
3 mile T: 9:31
4 mile E: 10:21
Total: 40:30

Many, many thanks to Johann, The Yogi, Beth and Frank for your encouraging words on my last post.  I had lost a little perspective on the whole training thing, and I was especially concerned about the quantity of miles I have been running.  Week 7 is almost at the halfway mark, and since it took me a while to get my head into the programme, I felt a bit panicky that I may turn up on 21 November and find that it was just not enough.
Since then, I have tried reading a bit more around Matt Fitzgerald's work, and since today's run was a tempo run, I found the means to renew my faith in the programme with this great article from Runner's World.  Indeed, today was really good.  I put my back into it, and was pleased with the result!  I am starting to see how quality sessions make you feel better about your training, and you can see the improvement if you continue.  Since I have never actually followed a programme of any sort, this observation is consistent with what all of you have said in your comments.
Well then, I am going to stick with this programme, and work at it.  I am quite curious to see the results in November.  Initially, when deciding on a programme, I almost went with Tim Noakes's Lore of Running programme.  Tim Noakes was at my alma mater (and might still be), and is a guru in the art of running.  I chickened out of following his programme mainly because Tim has you running for periods of time, rather than numbers of miles, and I did not feel a confident enough runner to do this in preparation for a marathon.
Still, the book is phenomenal.  I have a tatty, old third edition (1991), but it is revolutionary, considering what he said during the 80's is what people like Matt Fitzgerald are saying today.  There are definitely some chapters that I will be re-reading as this book is really worth it's weight in gold.  Who knows, one day I might be daring enough to give one of his programmes a go!


  1. problemi e soluzioni: spesso ci riferiamo agli altri per ricordarli anche a noi stessi... grazie a te!

  2. Aw, I'm so glad you are feeling better about things. ::hugs::

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling positive again. Somehow it always comes back to Nike and their "just do it". Glad I could be of some inspiration, thanks! Noakes is still one of my favorite references. The man is a genius and I'm not saying that because I'm from SA. he really knows his stuff. Have a happy week!