Saturday, January 9, 2010

Race Summary for 2009

* Somerville Jingle Bell run - 13th December 2009, 5K, 28:58
* World Run Day Half Marathon - 8 Nov 2009, 2:30
* Somerville Homeless Coalition - 3 Oct 2009, 5K, 29:01
* Multiple Myeloma Research Fund - 26 Sept 2009, 5K, 28:32
* Witch City Triathlon - 2 August 2009, 9:53; 43:51; 26:45 (1:22:46)
* Danskin Triathlon - 26 July 2009, 9:38; 56:45; 30:35 (1:40:21)
* New Charles River Run - 29 June 2009, 5K, 31:23
* Triathlon by the Sea - 17 May, 13:22; 55:55; 35:55 (1:45:12)
* An Ras Mor - 22 March, 5K, 27:21
* Ras na hEireann - 15 March, 5K, 27:56
* Hyannis - 22nd Feb 2009. 10K, 58:39
* Race Up Boston Place - 7th Feb 2009. 41 Floors, 82 Flights, 370 Stairs. 10:29. American Lung Associaton
* Super Sunday for Live Strong and Lance Armstrong Foundation - 1st Feb 2009. 10K, 57:33
* Somerville Jingle Bell Run - 14th Dec 2008. 5K, 29:25
* Somerville Gobble x3 - 27th Nov 2008. 4 miles, 39:24


  1. Wow Natalia! This is quite an inspiring list of races! That's the trick, isn't it, to continually register for races. I've trained for the 10k in the past, but once I accomplished that goal, I failed to set any future ones. Hmmmm... I wonder how soon after my baby girl gets here (May 3rd), I can be race ready, of course having to start from the beginning, *again*!

  2. Hi Wendy, nice to hear from you! I have been wondering how you are, and how things are going. I cannot believe your little girl is due in May - it seems like just yesterday you told me! Dylan must be excited?
    Well, do not worry about having to start from the beginning again...I do it all the time. I have no doubt that you will be able to do anything you set your mind to, after your little girl arrives. Are you thinking of any specific challenges? What about an early winter triathlon (Nov) that was one of your goals. I would love to hear your thoughts on this....

  3. Dylan is very excited to be a big brother. He tells me all the time how lucky 'baby sister' is to have a bb like him! He hugs, sings, talks to the belly all the time too! Even plays hide n' seek! Too cute!
    Things are advancing well now. I was sick for the longest time (5 mths), but that seems to have tapered off, thank goodness! The extent of my exercise these days is walking the dog 3-4 times a week, and of course, chasing dylan. Seems to be enough. Weight gain has been excellent (only 3 lbs over Christmas!!!!).
    I can't believe YOU recall my own goal! I didn't even remember that (but then my mind is a sieve on the best of days!). I believe I'll postpone any goal setting until after the babe arrives, since I can't exactly predict what kind of recupe time I'm going to need!!!
    I imagine you're on Facebook, yes? Please find me! Wendy Rochon ;)