Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Snacks", "Breakfast" and a confession.

My nutritional woes have worsened this past week. I get up early and usually have porridge with almonds and an apple for breakfast, and in the past this has stood me in good stead until midday. When I get to work I will have a coffee and sometimes a piece of fruit or yogurt mid-morning.  Now however, I suddenly find that around 9 I am starving, despite having had breakfast. I can stave off the pangs with water, but around 10:30 they become unbearable and so I go and get a croissant and another coffee.
Lunch usually consists of soup or a chicken salad, with another piece of fruit or yogurt mid-afternoon. Now I find I am starving mid-afternoon and am making trips to the VENDING machine! The worse of it is I cannot break out of this nightmare cycle that seems to have started.
Two weeks ago Stuart and I went on holiday to Seattle. On going to a Mariners game, I discovered "garlic fries". Yes, a pound of these fries with kosher salt, parsley and garlic all for a few dollars! Being a big garlic fan, I decided to live rashly and consumed a pound of it myself! I usually steer clear of "fries" and have salad. Well, the fries were followed by ice-cream and the rest of the holiday was spent sampling the culinary delights Seattle had to offer. Going off to remote Neah Bay did not deter me either.
It now seems as all this has opened the proverbial floodgates, and I seem unable to get back into my old eating habits. Truth be told, they were on a slippery slope already, but it seemed to be a slope I had reasonable control over. Now it's the wild wild west, and total anarchy!
I have put on at least 5 pounds, and need to get rid of them not least because my clothes are starting to feel snug!  In need of help, I am going to join weightwatchers - reason being, their system of portion control is excellent. Indeed, I am struggling with getting my nutrition under control and I know when I need help. I used to accompany a friend to weightwatchers in the UK as she did not want to go alone, and I know a bit about that system. It works very well, and I learnt lots of useful things - most of which I seem to have forgotten.
I know that exercise alone is not going to do it for me, and besides I want to get back into the habit of enjoying what I eat. I do not enjoy crisps from the vending machine or biscuits - yet I seem unable to stop myself and I have no idea why. Well, Thursday is the day of the meeting, so let's see what happens....


  1. Which Mariner's game did you attend?! We were at the Sunday afternoon game! I desperately wanted to try the garlic fries - they smelled SOOOO good. Alas I did not. Ate half a bag o' Cracker Jacks instead!

  2. We went to the game on Sunday afternoon too! Gosh it was so hot - I had no hat and no was brutal. But what a great game! I have never quite connected with the Red Sox, and anyway, after watching "The Rookie", the Rays sort of became the team I follow (sometimes).
    Anyway, the garlic fries were awesome. That smell, it hit me as soon as i walked up those stairs, and I was doomed! I think you made the smart choice!!
    How is your running going?

  3. Oooo - we were on the shady side! Comfortable all afternoon! I actually made some remark to Chris about the poor sods on the other side of the field!

    Hmmm... running. Not so much. But Wii Active is doing the job for now! I'm preggers! Due end April, so now is not the time for me to try the tri. Someday... Even though, D starts pre-school soon, and my plan is to get into the pool while he's occupied!