Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Hundred Push ups - initial test

Things seem to be a bit quiet on the race front this month, so I thought I would start the 100 push ups-in-six-weeks challenge. The challenge has been looming on the horizon for ever so long, and I have not had the time to really think about it. Well, truth be told, I did think about it and found it exhausting! However, this is something that I committed to, and now I need to follow through.
I have just done the initial test, and I can only do 20 push ups with perfect form. According to Steve Speirs' website which is hosting the challenge, that ranks me 3rd on a scale of 7 in the fitness rankings! I guess this is a different kind of fitness which I need to build. It will certainly be very useful once I start swimming again.
The programme lasts 6 weeks and is composed of 3 sessions a week. So Monday will be day 1 for me, because then it is easy to remember. I have just noticed that Steve has added a new challenge to his website: 200 sit ups challenge! I thought 100 push ups was challenging, but the sit ups challenge certainly casts a different light on this now.


  1. i did 25 push ups!!! then i had to

  2. Wow, that is pretty good! Are you taking the 100 pushups challenge? I am finding it exhausting, so let me know how it's turning out for you....