Monday, December 29, 2008

Stair Climbing 201

After my initial enthusiasm with the stair climbs last week, I got a bit caught up with the running, and this fell behind. This morning I went to downtown to see where the stair climbing event would take place, and got a shock to see the building up close and personal! It' I'd better get with the programme.
A little research took me to Virgil Aponte's website which has loads of goodies, such as video clips.  After signing up for a free 15 page report on stair climbing, I received a pdf which gave lots of useful tips, and 5 free workouts.
The key workout I shall be using is his 'pressed for time' one:
- Walk up 20 flights of stairs (twice if you wish)
- Run up 10 flights at a medium pace
- Sprint up 10 flights at an all out pace.
- Take the lift down after each, to recover.
For those among us who are well hard, he recommends skipping before or after the workout, and for an extra challenge, run with a weighted vest.  If anyone is interested in the other workouts, let me know and I shall be happy to post them here, or you can sign up for the report on his website.

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