Sunday, December 21, 2008

A quick run outdoors anyone?

It started snowing on Friday afternoon, and now we have a foot of snow, and it's still going strong!  It might be a tad difficult to organise a quick run, so maybe a ride on the stationary bike might be just the thing.  On looking out from our living room window all seems to be very deserted - perhaps staying indoors is the sensible thing? 

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  1. Hi Natalia. Want to encourage you to enjoy your running blog. What a great way to meet other runners, share the enthusiasm, and I bet you'll actually pick up some tips and get better.

    Hang in there with the weather too. We don't have that same foot of snow--just a few inches here in Des Moines, but this morning it was -6 degrees.

    Keep up the good running and posting!

  2. Lucky! You acualtly have snow! It only snows once every 2 years!!! Again I say... LUCKY!!!!

  3. Sorry about that just I really like snow. You keep running like you always do! Or ride a bike!! Bye.